Manav Mitra Foundation Trust (MMF) [Reg no: F-43758 (PUNE) , MH/139/293/PUNE ]

MMF Trust is a donation platform that gives you an opportunity to serve for society. We help you to donate and support special section of the society at your choice. After detailed consideration, the beneficiary is identified, We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. We ensure that your contribution reaches to the deserving channel. Underlying everything MMF does is the belief that equality or equal opportunity is the cornerstone to civilization. Every human being must have roughly the same opportunity to succeed in life, irrespective of where or how s/he is born. MMF believes that a caring and sensitive well-to- do section can change this without waiting for the situation to explode. Each of us could probably afford to give much more to private, charitable efforts to alleviate poverty and suffering.

Donations and Enjoyments

दानोपभोगरहिता दिवसा यस्य यान्ति वै।स लोहकारभस्त्रेव श्वसन्नपि न जीवति॥
English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:
A person who passes his days without donations and enjoyments is like a blacksmith’s bellows, he breathes but does not live.
Our Mission

To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to help society.

Our History

MMF started in 2007 with few volunteers who wanted to do something for the society. With Initial Donations from their own they continue to run the yearly programs through their own efforts. Looking at our work and efforts towards the programs, many people wished to join us and shown interest in contributing towards MMF activities. To accommodate all these requests and to ensure proper working and management , The Formal registration and expansion plan was executed in 2012 and we are now formally registered with Charity Commission, Pune,India, 2013- 2014. Below is list of some of our work.

Work done by MMF 

● Donation Program – Stationary to the students at Balgram, lonavala, 2007
● Donation Program – Umbrellas to the students at Balgram, lonavala, 2008
● Donation Program – Computer headsets to Special student association, Pune, 2009
● Donation Program – Complete Public Audio system to Special student association to organize welfare events, Pune, 2010
● Donation Program – Medical Aid to Needy Patient, Ratna hospital, Pune, 2011
● Donation Program – Financial Aid to Needy Student covering all Education FEE, Pune, 2012
● Donation Program – Electrical Fans and Equipments to Special student association, Pune, 2012
● Donation Program – Scholarship Award, Bhave High School, Pune, 2013
● Donation Program – Diwali Gifts and Greeting Cards Distribution made by Orphanage, Pune 2013
● Donation Program – Cutlery and Daily use utensils to Orphanage at Mohol ,Solapur, 2014


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